Debian GRUB 1 and 2 with password (UPDATED)

In Debian Lenny (Stable) the GRUB 2 version is 1.96 and is still without password support. If you install a more recent version from Debian Squeeze (Testing) such as 1.97, which comes with password support. *** This script is intented GRUB version > 1.96, but please test it before use on production systems *** ?View… Continue reading “Debian GRUB 1 and 2 with password (UPDATED)”

Securing GRUB Essentials

What is GRUB? GRUB stands for GRand Unifier Bootloader, to get it on your system you must install package grub or grub2, GRUB is the replacement for largely used but unscalable LILO (LInux LOader) and alternative for SILO (Solaris Improved Bootloader). GRUB Boot Menu GRUB Loading and Booting Sequence The BIOS searches for a start… Continue reading “Securing GRUB Essentials”