PHP Query String Class

This class can manipulate query strings used in HTTP requests that are used to pass arguments and values to page scripts. It can get and set argument values, delete arguments and count the number of ocurrences in a given query string. Download source code from: Or from this blog: Querystring-2008-02-26.tar.gz

A Java Class to upload files trough FTP

Download /** * FILE: * DESCRIPTION: A ftp uploader GUI class * LIMITATION: Uses AWT instead of SWING * VERSION: 09-Feb-2006 * * Olaf says: * * — Remenber, all is posible but the problem * is the time you are able to spend doing it. — */ import*; import*; import… Continue reading “A Java Class to upload files trough FTP”

Blowfish Cipher Algorithm in Java

Download source code here: Blowfish.tar.gz An implementation on Blowfish cipher algorithm in Java, based on: * Bruce Schneier (2009) * Dr. Herong Yang (2009) * Wikipedia (2009) * DI Managment (2009) Copyright (C) Dec 23th, 2009 – Olaf Reitmaier Veracierta This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms… Continue reading “Blowfish Cipher Algorithm in Java”