Language Project
Bash/PHP netdump (2017)
A tool to remotly backup the configuration of networked switches, routers, firewalls and servers using expect php library, git version control and many other Linux utilities.
Bash fence_vmware_soap (2015)
Stonith Plugin Agent for VMWare VM VCenter SOAP Fencing (Unofficial).
Bash Tape – Backup (2013)
Bash script diseñado para respaldar directorios y bases de datos en GNU/Linux.
Perl Tomcat Check (2011)
Linux perl script to monitor Apache Tomcat status using its builting manager interface.
Java Blowfish (2010)
Blowfish cipher algorithm.
PHP Query String Class (2008)
Manipulate page requests query strings.
Basic Juego de la Vieja (Tic-Tac-Toe, 1999-2002)
Algoritmo rústico de Tic-Tac-Toe para QBASIC, Powerbasic y Justbasic
Action Script Juego de la Nave (2003)
Spaceship fighter game.