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Nov 05

HP Array Configuration Utility RAID Controller Checker Script

HP Array Configuration Utility RAID Controller Checker Script Install the HP Managment Component Pack for Proliant The bellow hpacucli-check.sh is a bash shell script that checks the status of controller, array, logical and physical driver on a HP Server with the command hpaculi (HP Array Configuration Utility Client) installed, also syslogging and sending an email …

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Aug 19

Debian GRUB 1 and 2 with password (UPDATED)

In Debian Lenny (Stable) the GRUB 2 version is 1.96 and is still without password support. If you install a more recent version from Debian Squeeze (Testing) such as 1.97, which comes with password support. *** This script is intented GRUB version > 1.96, but please test it before use on production systems *** ?View …

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Feb 21

Modify CONTROL file in Debian Package

Suppose you have your-package.deb file and want to change files inside the package: ?View Code BASH1 2 3 mkdir -p tmp/DEBIAN dpkg-deb -x your-package.deb tmp/ dpkg-deb –control your-package.deb tmp/DEBIAN Modify the file tmp/DEBIAN/control as you like it. ?View Code BASH1 dpkg-deb -b tmp your-package-custom.deb Finally, ?View Code BASH1 dpkg -i your-package-custom.deb Done!!!

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