Project: Soccer Statistics Platform: CentOS Linux/CakePHP/MySQL Development: 2012 (3 months) Methodology: SCRUM Project: Personal Blog Platform: CentOS Linux/WordPress/MySQL Duration: Since 2010 Methodology: Web Design Project: Search Engine Platform: Redhat Linux/PHP/MySQL Developement: 2003 (3 Months) Methodology: Web Developmet & XP

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Language Project Bash fence_vmware_soap (2015) Stonith Plugin Agent for VMWare VM VCenter SOAP Fencing (Unofficial). https://github.com/olafrv/fence_vmware_soap Bash Tape – Backup (2013) Bash script diseñado para respaldar directorios y bases de datos en GNU/Linux. https://github.com/olafrv/tape-backup Perl Tomcat Check (2011) Linux perl script to monitor Apache Tomcat status using its builting manager interface. http://code.google.com/p/tomcat-check/ Java Blowfish (2010) …

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