May 18

Netdump remotly backup configurations of networked devices

Netdump (https://github.com/olafrv/netdump) is a tool to remotly backup the configuration of networked switches, routers, firewalls and servers using expect php library, git version control and many other Linux utilities.


  • Tested on Ubuntu Linux Server Edition 16.04 LTS (64 bits).
  • Editable templates to backup the following devices:
    • Cisco UCS (SSH trigger FTP/SFTP/TFTP copy).
    • Cisco IOS (SSH/Telnet).
    • Cisco Nexus OS (SSH/Telnet).
    • Fortigate FortiOS (SSH trigger FTP/TFTP copy).
    • Foundry ServerIron (Telnet).
    • Netgear Switches (Telnet).
  • Asisted version control with Git repositories per device.
  • Friendly Web browsing of backups via secured GitWeb interface.
  • SSH client param included to support old devices (Weak protocols).
  • Notification support via PHPMailer (Installed in /usr/share/php).

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