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Jan 19

Stonith Plugin Agent for VMWare VM VCenter SOAP Fencing (Unofficial).

Helpful when stonith version does not include “fence_vmare_soap” plugin agent, some cases are: Canonical Ubuntu Linux 14.04 LTS SUSE Enterprise Linux 11 SP3 Download and documentation at: Plugin Workflow 1. stonithd (Cluster Fencing Daemon) 2. /usr/lib/stonith/plugins/external/fence_vmware_soap (Stonith Plugin Agent) 3. /usr/sbin/fence_vmware_soap (SOAP Fence Request, provided by fence-agents) 4. VMWareVCenter (SOAP Web Service, Authentication, Search, …

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May 03

Random Ubuntu 12.04 hangs (freeze), hard reset needed

MY PC – ASUS P67 Sabertooh Lastest BIOS Update (Available on May 5th, 2013) – Intel Core i7 2600K – 16 GB RAM PROBLEM – Random Ubuntu 12.04 hangs (freeze) 32/64 bits (Kernel < 3.5.0-40). - Hard reset needed. - No problems on Windows 7 64-bits. SOLUTIONS There are two options, editing default kernel boot …

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Sep 14

Load balancing and failover TCP/IP connections to multiple servers with “balance”

Balance es un programa que nos permite realizar un balanceo de carga a través de un proxy TCP simple con round robin y mecanismos de failover, todo por la cónsola. El sitio Web oficial es: Para instalarlo desde el repositorio de Debian: ?View Code BASH1 apt-get install balance Para descargarlo desde la página oficial: …

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