Debian GRUB 1 and 2 with password (UPDATED)

In Debian Lenny (Stable) the GRUB 2 version is 1.96 and is still without password support. If you install a more recent version from Debian Squeeze (Testing) such as 1.97, which comes with password support. *** This script is intented GRUB version > 1.96, but please test it before use on production systems *** ?View… Continue reading “Debian GRUB 1 and 2 with password (UPDATED)”

ASSP & AVG Antivirus Integration Script

The following script uses the configuration section “ClamAV and FileScan” from ASSP ( where it is configurated an external script for virus scanning, in this case AVG ( Note that you must download its free version ( or purchase and install it for Linux!!!. Before enter configuration parameters you must install the downloaded AVG for… Continue reading “ASSP & AVG Antivirus Integration Script”